All-in-one Seamless System
from marketing to final invoice

  • Market your products & services
  • Manage leads with our CRM
  • Manage estimates & invoices
  • Team Management & Scheduling
  • Material Ordering & Purchase Orders
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Seamless Software system for all your business departments

  • Our Software System
  • Generate New Leads
  • Contact Management
  • Activities with Clients
  • Team Management
  • Connect with Suppliers

Our software modules are designed specifically for each industry according to their work process to make our software system best fit for your company. You can pick and choose modules according to your needs to make your business process seamless from marketing to the final invoice.


Generate new leads from our consumer apps by marketing your products and services and offering special deals to your customers. Manage and update content on your website and consumer apps to stay up to date in the market and get high ranking in the search engines. Upload pictures and videos to make your company’s portfolio look more impressive.

Manage your leads at one place from all your lead sources, connect your website’s contact form and consumer apps to your lead management system. Assign leads to appropriate staff members to follow up with potential clients and turn your leads into sales to add profit to your company. Follow up with your existing clients, set reminders and schedule emails to keep them posted all the time.

Keep all your clients and their work history in one place for you to access anytime including their estimates and invoices for each project or work order. Create packages, offer special deals and manage your requests for estimates and send estimates back to your clients within minutes. Turn your qualified estimates into job orders and you are all set for scheduling and billing ready to invoice.

Manage your projects and job orders by assigning tasks to your team (crew) members with a drag and drop scheduling calendar. Task scheduling creates a work line up and material list ready for your team (crew) members to perform their duties efficiently and on time. Daily log can be entered by admin staff as well as team members and helps you to keep track of the worked hours by employees and status of each task.


When the estimate turns into a job order, a list of materials required can be viewed for each project or supplier. Make your purchase orders ready for each supplier by selecting material from the list and preparing multiple purchase orders at the same time.View list of your purchase orders by each supplier at the end of the month to compare invoices from suppliers to your purchase orders.

Industries We Serve

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Direct to consumer apps
  • Builders and Contractors
  • Event Service Providers
  • Realtors & Homeowners
  • Retailers & Suppliers

Build your home app is designed to help home builders to build new homes and homeowners to renovate their home with easy to follow steps. Local contractor’s directory is attached to this app, so they can view your work portfolio and shortlist your business to communicate with your software panel. Get estimate requests (Job orders) from them, send estimates and invoices from your panel to their planning app.


Plan your wedding app is designed to help couples to plan their dream wedding with easy to follow steps for free. Couples who are getting married can take advantage of our easy to use planning app to connect with your software system so you can get “estimate requests”, send estimates and invoices.


“Desi homes” app helps buyers and sellers (realtors) to connect together to make the buying or renting process an easy process. We provide an easy to use management panel to all our users so they can find the property in a convenient way from their mobile devices. They can save their favourite properties, view handpicked properties by realtors, show short listed properties to realtors and view a list of properties lined up for showing by realtors all on one panel.


We offer our clients a common e-commerce platform to market and sell their products without worrying about highly maintained e-commerce sites and marketing to the point where they can get sufficient clients to support their daily sales. Retailers and suppliers can add as much as products they want to sell and get orders directly into their panel. They can take advantage of our direct to consumer marketing through our online and offline media sources.

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