Seamless Software system for all your business departments

Our software system is designed specifically for each industry according to their work process which helps companies to automate their business process from marketing to the final invoice.

Generate New Leads Capture leads from consumer apps, your website and all your other online/offline channels, right to your Lead Management System.

Contact Management Assign new leads to yourself, or to your staff members to follow up with potential clients. Set up status and reminders and turn your leads into contracts.

Activities with Clients Manage your requests for estimates and send estimate back to your clients within minutes. You’re your estimates into job orders and you are all set for scheduling and billings.

Team Management Manage your job orders efficiently by dividing tasks to your team members by dragging and dropping tasks into your scheduling calendar.

Connect with Suppliers When estimate turns into job order list of materials required can be viewed for each project or by suppliers. You can also set reminders to make purchase orders on a timely basis.

Build Your Business Connect with other business owners right from your panel to converse trade or sell your products and services to each other.

Our software modules for each business department
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3 Easy Steps to Set Up your Software System