Connect your Contact Manager to all your lead sources; like your website, online directories, social media pages, OB Apps, etc. and manage all your leads on one panel. Perform all other daily activities such as; set reminders, e-mail, Google Sync Calendar and all your contacts. This contact manager works like a centralized hub for all your management departments which allow you to keep your data in one place for all your leads, contacts and clients and their related history in a very easy to manage format without hassle of re-typing again and again.

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Booking Manager helps you manage your Job Orders efficiently by simplifying complex processes and make tasks ready for your staff to do. Manage your estimates, work orders and scheduling under the same Tab. By using Booking Manager you can streamline your work process which helps you to be more productive with your staff

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Connect your IDX feed to your “Real Estate Manager” and start managing your Property Listings in an easy use panel. Feed management will allow users to pick and choose listings to show on your website and allows users to connect to their clients through your website/App or through our direct to consumer apps.

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"Project Manager” helps you manage your projects more efficiently by simplifying complex processes and tasks. Manage your estimates, work orders, scheduling, material orders and invoicing at the same panel. By using Project Manager you can increase your revenue, reduce your paperwork and streamlines your projects.

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While preparing job orders invoicing methods can be set on a percentage completion of the project or timely basis. This function helps to calculate all the cost up to the date and prepares a list of extra material used by staff for invoicing. Once the invoice is prepared this functionality keeps the invoice history of the invoices for you to view at any time when required.

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As a Project Manager, one of your jobs is to plan your tasks in detail. Using the Task Manager, you can create a detailed task list, schedule the start and end dates of tasks and add links between them. The Task Manager helps you to streamline your projects by using the Task Planner, you can assign durations and allocate resources to ensure that the right tasks are completed at a timely basis.This software also gives you a heads-up, by providing email alerts for tasks that are late.

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When estimate turns into job order this functionality gathers all the information about required inventory to get the job done. The list of materials required can be viewed for each project or by suppliers. You can also set reminders to make purchase orders on a timely basis. Compare purchase orders to your supplier’s invoices.

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Whether you are maintaining your supply for a small warehouse or for chain stores Inventory manager can help you to stay up to date with your list of supplies. The list of supplies required can be viewed for each order or by each store. You can also set reminders to make purchase orders on a timely basis. Compare purchase orders to your supplier’s invoices.

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Choose either a basic customer checkout or a complete point of sale package with e-commerce support. Either way you can enhance your retail operation with our easy-to-use POS software.Our powerful Cloud based application allows you to maintain absolute control over sales and inventory while presenting an easy customer checkout. It is a great solution for both your sales counter and telephone order desk. Our POS Software will automate your cash counter as well as your order desk, and it is QuickBooks ready (optional). You can automate your own business quickly and easily by implementing inventory, vendor and customer management system.

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Our ecommerce solution that is built on ASP.NET (MVC) with a MS SQL backend database creates an easy-to-use shopping cart solution that is uniquely suited for merchants that have outgrown existing systems. Which can be hosted on Cloud based Servers available in multiple regions throughout the world. It has everything you need to get started in selling physical and digital goods over the internet.

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